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Bed bugs can hide anywhere people live, rest, work and play. Our K9 teams have the experience to find live bed bugs and viable eggs hidden in any size area—from office buildings to assisted living facilities to single family homes. No job is too big or too small. Click through the photos for environments we commonly inspect.

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When should you use a K9 team?

  • To determine if known bed bug activity is isolated or in multiple areas

    You can use our K9 inspection report to help your preferred pest management team know where to focus their treatments, saving time, money and the environment.

  • When you want a thorough inspection of your facility

    Bringing in On the Go Dog Pro’s K9 team to inspect will help determine whether bed bugs are present, and, if so, where. Uncovering bed bug issues early can curb their spread.

  • When someone is complaining about bites

    Bite complaints can prompt an inspection. On the Go Dog Pro can inspect the areas of concern. If bed bug odor is present, the dogs can lead us to the source.

  • Following a bed bug treatment

    We can help determine if the bed bugs survived the treatment process. If a chemical was used, we can inspect the treated area 30 days after treatment for the dog’s safety. If another method was used (such as heat, steam or freezing), we can typically inspect within the same week.

  • When you want to be proactive, lower your costs and protect your business’ reputation

    Regularly scheduled K9 inspections (weekly, monthly, quarterly or customized) are a valuable tool for uncovering low-level bed bug introductions and reducing treatment costs.

Bed bug sniffing dog's nose

Your best defense for bed bug management

Meet Napoleon

Napoleon, “Napo” for short, is an English Springer Spaniel with a keen nose and energy to burn. Napo started training as a puppy and showed a clear talent in scent detection. He’s fast, thorough and loves to work, the ideal bed bug inspection dog.

When he’s not hunting for bed bug odor, we’re pretty sure Napo’s dreaming about tennis balls…and possibly belly rubs after inspection.

Napo Sniffing

Service Area

On the Go Dog Pro covers a five state area, including:

Independently Owned & Operated

On the Go Dog Pro is an independently owned and operated business. We do not treat for bed bugs; we only inspect for them. After your K9 inspection, you can choose a pest management provider you trust for treatment. With a solid knowledge of both K9 inspections and the pest management industry, we know what questions to ask before we arrive on-site to ensure a smooth inspection. Afterward, we provide you with a K9 report that your staff and pest management provider can easily understand.

No matter what size your inspection—whether it’s a residence or commercial account—On the Go Dog Pro handles every job with the highest level of care, integrity and consideration. We treat everyone we encounter before, during and after inspection with the utmost respect and professionalism.


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